How did Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative started?

Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative (KMPC) a.k.a. Kapandesal Coop was founded last November 2013 by Mel Tadeo and Mary Ann Gonzales altogether with the 25 employees of Quick and Fast International Logistics Inc. After a year of catering savings and loans to its members, the cooperative made a major breakthrough by owning its current businesses. Along with its lifeblood motto of “Pray. Work. Serve.” Kapandesal Coop gives their members 4L’s – Life, Lifestyle, Love and Livelihood.

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  • Vision

    A stable, empowered and meaningful life to every member and his community.


    We commit to bring quick and fast delivery of financial products and services, to promote F.A.I.T.H. values in way of Life, Lifestyle, Love, and Livelihood through Pray. Work. Serve.


    FAITH - belief, trust and loyalty to a Supreme Being regardless of religion or sect.

    ALTRUISM - selfless service to members and communities.

    INTEGRITY – doing the right things right the first time and all the time.

    TRANSPARENCY – winning trust and gaining confidence among members and stakeholders

    HUMILITY– modesty in words and actions.


The heart means Kapandesal Coop starts everything with love which is also the reason why the cooperative is born – love for people. The infinity symbol signifies continuity and timelessness while its two colors – blue and red – characterizes the stability of the cooperative’s businesses and passion to serve, respectively. Kapandesal means that the cooperative is your basic bread of life and your partner in holistically achieving your biggest goals and dreams.








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